A year of changes…..

Change is good, and for the most part that seems to be true. We’ll see. As this year comes to an end I am finding myself reflecting on all that has occurred. Pardon me if I get a bit personal in this post. My last post was in June and no one thought this pandemic would be going on so long. I am so fortunate that I’m here with Pauline who no matter what seems to always keep my spirits up.

The garden has had definite upgrades including a small greenhouse and a wildlife pond. I have my little studio down in the basement and am firing a load of glaze as I write this. My mother has moved into an excellent care facility called Queens Village which is only six minutes away from me and there is always parking… not like the old place. Consequently, my role has changed in her care, and I am just trying to keep her safe during this pandemic.

Another big change is that I have left the FUSION Board of Directors. I learned so much there, and have made many friends, but I need to rest from volunteer activities and concentrate on my own work.

I have learned a number of video production and editing skills this year, which I hope to put to good use, so watch for that in the future. Also I am exploring the possibility of offering pottery classes on line so that people can be working in their own studios and following along with various exercises.

Another change is that this website will soon include a store, so I will be creating “events” to look out for.

Another thing that is happening is that I am participating in FUSIONs Creative Directions program that is being headed up this time by Lesley MacInally. There’s a group of us that are working to improve our practice by pushing ourselves to explore a different way of working in clay. Everyone has their own focus of course, and Lesley has been a super mentor really holding the group together. If you don’t know her work click here

So a lot of change happening this year! Let’s hope 2021 is better!