Remember to Play

People who know me know that I am a bit of a CBC junkie. Loving the new “Q” with Shad…. He had Buffy St. Marie on the other day flogging her new recording, and I always love hearing an interview from a mature artist. By mature I’m not necessarily referring to age of course, but someone who has been through the circus of ego and come out the other side realizing that what they do is a job.  A  job to be loved, even envied, to be sure, but a job none the less.

Making, in whatever medium you choose, is hard work! Following a logical train of exploration in designing can be fun, but production is work. UG! <insert eye roll here> That being said. it is important to take time for yourself. For yourself and for the health of your work, a lot of good things can happen when you take time to just PLAY! Put the tunes on, rock out and let go of everything and just be present with your medium. Just do instead of think!

While I was participating in the “Inter/Local Workshops” over in Korea, I was taken out of my normal routine and forced, by virtue of the materials and the circumstance, to play…. and this is what happened.drippyslipfw I had unwittingly found an affect that I had been looking for for some time. I get inspired by paintings often enough and had seen people use acrylics in that drippy sort of way and never took the time to figure out how to apply that to my own work…. until I took time to play.

Now… dont get me wrong. This isn’t some earth shattering, world peace causing discovery…. but for me it was a bit of a break through and I dig it. I might use it…. I might not, but its good to have it in my stable now. Never would have happened if I didn’t take the time to play.

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