Happy New Year!

Another year has gone by and now we have 365 new days to make this one the best year ever! I want to thank friends and family for all the great times and support over the last year. I’m grateful to have been given some very exciting opportunities and I am looking forward to fulfilling them to the best of my abilities! It’s going to be so fun meeting new students and working with old friends I can hardly wait to get at it…. but wait! I’m ahead of myself!

01FlutedbowlThis is a picture of a small bowl that I made when I was first out of school waaay back when. I still have this bowl, and it reminds me of those times. It was the first piece that I made out of school that turned out the way I had pictured it in my head as I was making it, and it looks as fresh today as when it came out of the kiln when I was living in Birr, Ontario, just north of London.

Everyone starts out making small bowls when they are learning to throw on the potters wheel. I have dozens, and I use them all the time. Many of them I keep empty as a reminder to be open to possibilities. After all, a lot of interesting things happen when you say, “YES!”

The point is that if you’re so fixated on what should be, or the plan, I’ve found that it can put the kybosh on a lot of fun.  It works that way in making pots, and it works that way in life, love, business… take your pick!

So here is a bowl! At the beginning of this new year empty your own metaphorical bowls my friends, and keep them empty …. if you can.
Warmest regards

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