On the Slip Trail

Decided to change the name of my Blog to something more catchy…..hopefully this and a new app on my phone will inspire me to keep this up!

The group of us are back from our sojourn to South Korea and mostly recovered from the jet lag. We learned many new things over there from some great new friends. Here is a picture of some bowls

Trying to use a layered slip technique I learned from Master Kim Seong Te…..his work is awesome….I feel like a hacker, but practicing. Oi! It’s harder than it looks!

It’s about time!

Heck man! It’s been too long that I’ve been away from my website! A lot has happened So I’ll try to catch you up. Last year was full of workshops, and one was an intense week at the Metchosin International Summer School of the Arts, on beautiful Victoria Island in B.C. The folks at MISSA literally turn an academic college into an adult art school for two weeks. They run courses in many different disciplines, and one fellow was teaching a course on encaustic painting. I was fascinated by a piece that he put into the fundraising auction, Where the frame of reference was divided over and over again. While I still love the landscape, and I’d like to think I’m getting better at them, I like this too.

This is the plate that came back with me from the course.

This is another iteration along the same theme; although this one includes the Winter King image and no owl… that will come later. In posting this image on Facebook, my friend Judy Donaldson said it reminded her of a quilt. Interesting observation.

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