A Sense of Narrative

A Sense of Narrative                                            Nov 24, 2019     full day (9am-4pm)
This is a full day workshop on slip decorating and image transfer with Chris Snedden. The day will start with a quick review of basic slip decorating techniques, painting, scraffito, mishima, hakeme, paper resist, and many others. Then the day will progress through image transfer techniques like mono prints, block prints using rubber stamps, and a demonstration of how to make your own silkscreen prints for use on your pottery. Participants will have time to decorate their own pieces using the prints that they have made and some that will be provided. Lunch is not provided. There are options for food nearby and a fridge is available for bringing your own. 

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Materials list for participants to bring:
Pieces to work on must be in the leather hard state, in the clay that you use, for slip decorating. Hand built or thrown is the maker’s choice, but the surface needs to be smooth.

  • a tile any size or shape but at least as large as your hand splayed out,
  • a cylindrical object like a vase (handles can be added after decorating), and
  • One plate


  • A metal spoon or burnishing tool.
  • A rubber rib (the yellow Mudtools one is the one I use, but don’t go out and buy it specially.)  Scissors.
  • An interesting picture, or two, taken from a newspaper not a magazine.


Nice to have if you’ve got it:
Slip trailer, brushes, any rubber stamps you have around (make sure your name is labelled on them so you get them back) slips and/or under glazes.    


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